Within the theory of social exclusion, it is clearly evident that members of low economic status are being excluded from public areas such as the mall.  Throughout the visit to the Rideau Center, I did not witness a single homeless individual wandering around the mall.  However, outside the mall, there were an overwhelming number of impoverished individuals sitting on the ground.  The majority of these individuals had a hat in front of them, symbolizing their need for money; however, others would simply ask for money. 

The mall is geared around the consumption of its customers.  If an individual is not purchasing any goods from the mall, they will be under the microscope as security may ask them to leave the mall.  At every entrance to the mall there are security officers.  By placing security at every entrance point, it becomes easier to exclude certain populations from entering the mall.  Even though we did not purchase anything from the mall, there was a slight sense of nervousness because we knew that at any time a security guard could escort us out.  We were simply noting behaviours of the mall and taking relevant photographs.  If an employee were to witness this, they could call security.    

 A solution that has been brought up for social exclusion is making this phenomenon brought up to the public attention (Parodi & Sciulli. 2012, 14).  The European Union has taken a proactive approach to social exclusion by investigating the attitudes individuals have with regards to social exclusion (Parodi & Sciulli, 2012, 14).  The European Union also recognized 2010 as the year to “fight poverty and social exclusion” (Parodi & Sciulli, 2012, 14).  By raising awareness to the issue, it makes the public more aware.  The public may not be willing to help the excluded members; however, the subject is no longer in the shadows.  As Parodi & Sciulli (2012) further address, the European Union also made a program to aid socially excluded members of society find jobs (14). 
Security guard at Bayshore writing a report - the observed viewing the observer


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