Rideau's rules given to a group member
The mall has created a set of guidelines that individuals must follow while present.  It is the responsibility of the security to ensure that these rules are respected.  As Ferrell et al. (2008) address, “it is a situation where inclusion and exclusion occur concurrently – a bulimic world where massive cultural inclusion is accompanied by systematic structural exclusion” (63).  The power that the mall and security have over the customers brings up this notion of “othering.”  The concept of “othering” can them be brought up with regards to social exclusion.  Othering is described as the attitude of there being two groups within society; the “us” group and the “them” group (http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Othering).  

When walking around the mall, it can be established that the two groups within the vicinity are the security, and the general population.  The security operates under the guidance of the rules of the mall.  Any individual caught violating these rules will be escorted out of the mall. While exploring Rideau, we approached a store where a young, dishevelled man was kicked out aggressively. We looked no different than him, yet, moments after, we entered the very same store and asked if we may take photos. We were conscious of what had just occurred, so we took it as a moment to experiment. We introduced ourselves as students from the University of Ottawa collecting data for a project. The owner, previously skeptical of us as we paced the store, suddenly became warm and welcoming. Our status as students suddenly changed his view - he othered that young gentleman he saw as suspicious and treated us the same way until he learnt of our intentions. 

The Rideau Center has rules about running, yelling, shouting, and collecting in groups, which can be related to the actions of children, or teenagers.  The mall also implements the use of CCTV cameras in order to keep the customers under surveillance.  As Coleman & McCahill (2011) explain, the use of CCTV surveillance cameras target teenagers because they are more of a threat to cause problems within the general vicinity (113).  Coleman & McCahill also go on to further explain that within shopping malls, the security officer uses the CCTV surveillance camera to “target ‘known criminals’, ‘suspected drug addicts’, and those ‘wanted’ for the breach of bail conditions” (113).  As stated above, the mall targets ‘suspected drug addicts.’  How does one distinguish the appearance of a drug user?     



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