It is clear and evident that the mall is attempting to make the mall a safe and comfortable place for the customers.  Although many shoppers do not feel any form of danger when at the mall, the use of CCTV surveillance cameras and security guards can ensure that the thought of danger does not enter their mind. 

The division of power between the mall, the customers and the "others" is being explored.  The division of power is clearly evident within the mall through security and their locations, the use of CCTV surveillance cameras, and the rules carried around by security officers.  This developed through the observations of cameras in every single location possible, other than bathrooms.  Yad was lucky enough to receive a copy of the rules of the mall from a security officer.  The rules clearly outlined who was included and who was excluded from the mall, and also outlined the power that the security officers have.  One of the rules was that the taking of photographs was strictly prohibited without consent from the mall.  Outside of the Apple store, we felt very closely watched by staff inside as we were attempting to take a photograph of the store.  This led to us feeling uncomfortable because we knew that we were being very carefully watched.  This however did not discourage us as we returned to the same location a bit later in order to take a photo.   

A quick snap of the Apple store in Bayshore could not have felt more uncomfortable as surveilers (both cameras and consumers) looked on.

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    April 2013